IRS Celebrates Successes of 2024 Tax Season Amid Calls for Ongoing Improvement

With the recent conclusion of Tax season, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel stated it was one of the best in years, attributing improvements to increased funding from the Inflation Reduction Act. Enhancements included expanded hours at walk-in sites, assistance to 170,000 more taxpayers in person, and a surge in IRS website visits, notably for the “Where’s My Refund?” tool. Phone service efficiency saw over one million more calls answered, with an 88% level of service and faster response times. The callback option, available on 97% of lines, saved millions of hours of wait time. Other successes included increased chatbot usage and strong performance at Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites. Werfel emphasized the need for further IRS improvement despite the positive season, and he concluded by thanking taxpayers and the tax community for their contributions.
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