Other Services

If you’re looking for a firm that will focus on your individual needs, and always treat you like a client who matters, look no further. Our firm is large enough to offer a full range of professional services but small enough to give you the individual attention that you deserve.

We will thoroughly and conscientiously study your situation, and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Income Tax Preparation

We provide the following Tax Preparation Services:

  • Individual
  • Corporation
  • Sub S Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Estate & Trust
  • Self-employed (Schedule C)
  • Prior 10 Year Returns

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Business Advice

We offer professional advice to guide our clients at each stage of their business growth and equip them with strategies to use their resources wisely.

  • Loan Application Assistance
  • Small Business Set Up
  • Business Tax Consultation
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Request of New & Renewal Business Licenses Assistance

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ITIN Application

We assist individuals who are without a Social Security number with obtaining Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers ITIN to complete their tax return.

  • Request of New ITIN
  • Renewal of ITIN
  • Authentication of Foreign Passports
  • Request of Spouse ITIN
  • ITIN Application Process Assistance

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Bookkeeping Services

Our goal is to effectively monitor all scheduled payments and business earnings, monitor business accounts and prepare financial reports. Our major bookkeeping services include the following:

  • Bank Reconciliations (Checking and Credit Cards)
  • Recording and Reconciling Payroll Transactions
  • Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposits
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statement Preparation
  • State and Local Sales Tax Reporting and Personal Property Tax
  • Worker’s Compensation Reporting
  • Personal Financial Statement

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Payroll Services

We will work with your business to keep track and ensure all employees are being paid correctly while handling both state and federal tax information. In addition to offering our payroll processing service, we can provide you with a host of related services, such as:

  • Federal & State Payroll Tax Deposits & Filings
  • Monthly, Quarterly and Year-end Payroll Reporting
  • W-4s, I-9s and employer registration forms
  • Preparation of All Forms Including W-2s and 1099-Misc
  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations
  • Direct deposit and New hire reporting
  • Secure, online employee access to payment records

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Tax Planning

Planning is a key component to reduce your tax liability legally and maximize your after-tax income:

  • Reduce taxes on your income by making investments
  • Splitting Income among entity or family members
  • Finding tax deductions applicable to your situation
  • Shifting income or expenses from one year to another
  • Deferring tax liabilities through certain investments

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